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Woolworths links rewards card with Apple Pay platform

By | 2 October 2017

Apple Pay users can now add one more card to their digital wallet, with supermarket Woolworth’s announcement that they have linked their rewards card to the mobile platform.

Woolworths Rewards members are now able to use their phones to earn points or redeem discounts with a Woolworths loyalty card by using fingerprint authentication. The points earn rate is the same for Apple Pay users as it is for those with a physical card, earning shoppers 1 point per $1 spent.

Head of digital and payments at Woolworths, Paul Monnington, commented that joining up with Apple Pay was aimed at improving the customer experience for shoppers.

"They don't have to carry their physical card around, it's much easier when they tap their phone, they can look at their balances and know when they can get their $10 off – there are a number of different benefits for the customer," he said.

Although for now the move only includes the Woolworth Rewards loyalty card, it's expected that this could eventually lead to Woolworths branded credit cards being included on the Apple Pay platform.

"There's potential for that but right now this is the start of our journey," Monnington added.

The alliance, which brings the mobile payment platform to Woolworths 10 million Reward members, is good news for Apple that has encountered some resistance from some of Australia’s largest banks to sign up with Apple Pay.

Westpac, NAB and the Commonwealth Bank have resisted Apple Pay, despite embracing other mobile payment platforms such as Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Tap and Pay. Earlier this year, those big banks, along with some others, collectively lobbied to have their own apps be made available on iPhones instead of taking up Apple Pay, but were ruled against by the ACCC.


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