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Telstra to launch unlimited data for its broadband bundles

By | 15 November 2017

Spend more than $99 per month on fixed-line broadband with Telstra to get unlimited data usage.

Telstra flagged at its investor day that it would launch unlimited data quota broadband bundles "in the coming weeks", and today it has finally launched these plans, with any Telstra broadband plan costing $99 or more enjoying unlimited broadband quota during their contract period.

While Telstra's focus at its investor day was on NBN plans, the new inclusions apply to any Telstra customer on a fixed-line broadband technology, whether it's NBN, HFC Cable or ADSL2+, but not mobile broadband plans. For now, none of the providers are offering unlimited mobile broadband plans in Australia, and it's highly unlikely to happen in the near future either.

If you're a new Telstra broadband customer taking up a plan at that level, you'd also qualify for a bonus Foxtel Now subscription.

You would also qualify for a complimentary Telstra TV 2 set-top box. The unlimited data deal applies to existing and new customers at the $99 price point or above. If you're on a Telstra broadband plan under $99, you'll see at least a doubling of your data quota from its previous level.

Telstra is not alone in the unlimited broadband space, with many other ISPs offering unlimited broadband offerings. The move means Telstra joins the likes of rival broadband providers, including Optus and Internode, also deliver unlimited downloads on plans for less than $100 a month.

Telstra fixed services director Jana Kotatko said the company’s newest broadband changes would mean new and existing customers on monthly internet plans over $99 would be able to download as much as they wanted, with “no gotchas,” regardless of their type of connection.

“Whether you’re on ADSL, cable, any tech type on the NBN, all of our customers are eligible, depending on their plan,” Ms Kotatko said.

“We see the demand for streaming is right across all sorts of technology types. Two thirds of Australians are now choosing to stream their entertainment.”

Telstra users with cheaper plans would see their monthly download limits doubled under the new plan, Ms Kotatko said, in a move designed to meet demands “not just today but also future needs”.

“We’re seeing trends where customers appetite for data just gets greater each year,” she said.

“Last year data use grew 40 per cent. We see that growth continuing for the foreseeable future.”

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