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How to earn the maximum Frequent Flyer Points on your Petrol spend

14 October 2016

On average we spend $1,700 filling our cars up with fuel each year, with total fuel spend in 2016 expected to reach $36 billion according to recent reporting by the industry research body, IBIS world. This $36 billion in fuel sales are made at the 3,800 businesses that represent the Australian Retail Fuel industry, the majority of which are the service stations we are all familiar with.

The competition to acquire our fuel business is fierce, with price promotions and incentives frequently on offer by the major fuel retailers. This year each of the major fuel retailers has introduced partnerships that allow customers to earn frequent flyer points from 3 major frequent flyer programs, Qantas, Velocity and Guest Miles. These partnerships are summarized below:

  • Velocity Points: Earn Velocity Points at BP petrol Stations
  • Qantas Points: Earn Woolworths Points at Caltex Petrol Stations with the option to convert them to Qantas Points.
  • Ethiad Guest Miles: Earn flybuys at Shell petrol stations with the option to transfer them to Ethiad Guest Miles.


Earning Qantas Points on your fuel

To earn Qantas Points on your fuel you’ll need to be a Woolworths Reward member, you can join here, as it’s the Woolworths Points that can be then converted to Qantas Points.

Woolworths Rewards are offering one Woolworths Point for every $1 spent on fuel at any of the 530 affiliated Caltex-Woolworths outlets, the offer does not include any  purchases at Star Mart and Star Shop retail stores. These reward points are earned in conjunction with the current 4c per lite fuel discount available when shoppers spend $30 or more at Woolworths.Caltex Woolworths Fuel Rewards

To earn the Woolworths Points simply present your Woolworths Reward card at the petrol station checkout for swiping, Woolworths Points will also be earned on all purchases at Woolworth Supermarkets and BWS bottles shops at the rate of 1 Point per $1 of spend.

Once you have earned 2,000 Woolworths Points, those points can be converted into 10 Woolworths Dollars, which in turn can be transferred into your Frequent Flyer Account as 870 Qantas Points or exchanged for $10 of your next shop.

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Earning Velocity Points on your fuelBP Velocity Fuel Partners

Velocity Frequent Flyers can earn Velocity points on fuel when they fill up at any of 1,400 BP service stations across Australia.

To earn the Velocity Points simply swipe your Velocity membership card at the checkout before you pay. You will earn 2 Velocity Frequent Flyer Points for every litre of fuel purchased up to 150 litres, plus you’ll also earn 2 Velocity Points for every dollar spent in-store up to $100, excluding purchases on tobacco, lottery tickets, prepaid mobile phones and gift cards.

Existing Velocity members simply use their current card at the checkout, new Velocity Members can either sign up for free here or use one of the temporary cards available at all BP Stations to open commence their membership.


Earning Ethiad Guest Miles on your fuel.

To earn Ethiad Guest Miles you will need to be a member of flybuys, you can sign up here, as it’s the flybuys that can be converted to Ethiad Guest.

Flybuys are offering 1 flybuy per $2 spent on fuel at any Shell petrol station. flybuys can then be transferred to Etihad Guest Miles at a rate of 10,000 flyBuys for 4,000 Etihad Guest Miles, so 1 flybuys equates to 0.4 Etihad Guest Miles.

For that same flight Virgin Australia comparison flight, we need 13,800 Etihad Guest Miles, which equates to 34,500 flybuys points (13,800 x 2.5). At 1 flybuys point for every $2 spent, that comes down to a relative cost of $69,000.


Comparing the options

Each of the fuel reward programs have their pro’s and cons and when making a choice between them much will depend on your current frequent flyer memberships. With the objective of accessing the programs on alike for like basis we consider below how much spend on fuel will be required to earn enough points to fly from Melbourne to Sydney in economy.


Fuel Reward Option Earn Rate Points Required for Flight Spend on Fuel Required to earn the Points
Velocity -   BP 2 Velocity Points per litre 11,100 Velocity Points $6,600
Woolworths - Caltex 1 Woolworths Pooint per $1 of spend (Equates to 0.435 Qantas Points) 15,300 Qantas Points $35,190
flybuy -   Ethiad 1 flybuy per $2 of spend 6,900 Enthiad Guest Miles (Equates to 11,100 Velocity Points) $34,500

Assumptions: fuel is $1.20 per litre and that no discount vouchers are being used

Which program offers the best value? 

This analysis clearly has the Velocity/BP partnership offering the best value by a significant margin. 

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