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Google to launch Android Pay in Australia

2 June 2016

NEWS UPDATE: Android Pay launched in Australia on July 14th 2016.

Android Pay, the mobile wallet for Android-powered smartphones is on its way to Australia, with a launch date of late 2016 according to Google. Australia will be Android Pays, 3rd market having successfully launched in America in September 2015 and the UK in May 2016.Android pay logo

Android Pay is designed to enable you to use your Android device to make tap and go purchases of $100 after you upload a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit or debit card from one of the banks supporting Android Pay, with no need to unlock your phone unless the price is higher.

Google's tap-and-pay technology for Android users will go head-to-head with Apple Pay that launched with American Express in October 2015, and then added ANZ Credit and debit cards in April 2016

Android Pay, which uses the NFC chips in Android smartphones running KitKat 4.4 or later, to allow users to make payments by tapping their phone at the EFTPOS terminal. It can also be used to make payments at online stores.

Android Pay is said to be in discussion with several of the major banks about partnering to facilitate Android Pay, potential partners involved in these early discussions with Google include ANZ, Westpac, Bank of Melbourne, Bank of South Australia, Bendigo Bank, ING DIRECT, Macquarie Bank, and St. George.

Android Pay is designed to support credit and debit cards from both MasterCard and Visa, and Google says it is working with Eftpos to support their cards. While you'll be able to use Android Pay "everywhere contactless payments are accepted," Google is also working with retailers including Coles, 7-Eleven, McDonald's, Gloria Jean's and Telstra to ensure it gains significant adoption post its launch.

Android Pay is designed to facilitate quick and easy checkout within apps - no more entering your payment or address details every time you want to shop. At launch, this feature will be available in some of the most popular Australian shopping apps - including Catch of the Day, GoCatch,, Menulog, OzSale, Rewardle, and The Iconic.

Apple Pay will have close to 12 months head start on Android Pay in Australia, but Apple’s mobile wallet includes an extra step to complete a transaction, as it requires users to authenticate the transaction on an iPhone by logging in with TouchID at the point of sale.

As with Android Pay in the U.S. and UK, the Australian service is built using tokenization, which means that your card details are never passed between the phone and the retailer when you make a transaction. Instead, the system uses a virtual account number and logs the details of the sale for you to track.

There is no confirmation from Google as yet but it is rumored that Android Pay will feature a loyalty program called Android Pay Day, which is designed to “bring special offers each month to brighten the last week before pay day.” 

The card Issuers who support Android Pay are listed below:

  American Express (Cards issued by Amex)   Nexus Mutual   People’s Choice Credit Union Ltd
  ANZ (Visa, Amex, MasterCard Credit/ Debit cards)   First Option Credit Union   Police Bank Limited
  Bank Australia   Goulburn Murray Co-Op Limited   QT Mutual Bank Limited
  Bank Of Sydney   Holiday Coast Credit Union Ltd   Queenslanders Credit Union Limited
  Bendigo Bank (Visa/ MC, Credit/ Debit)   Horizon Credit Union   Select ENCOMPASS Credit Union Limited
  Beyond Bank Australia   Illawarra Credit Union   South West Slopes Credit Union Ltd
  Big Sky Building Society Limited   ING DIRECT   Sydney Credit Union Ltd
  CAPE Credit Union Limited   Intech Credit Union Limited   Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
  Catalyst Money   Laboratories Credit Union Limited   The Mac
  Central West Credit Union Limited   Macquarie (Visa/ MC, Credit/ Debit)   The Rock
  Community First Credit Union   Maritime, Mining & Power Credit Union Ltd   WAW Credit Union Co-Operative Limited
  Credit Union Australia Ltd   MyState Bank Limited   Woolworths Employees’ Credit Union Limited
  Credit Union SA Ltd   Northern Beaches Credit Union   Wyong Shire Credit Union Limited
  Defence Bank Limited   Northern Inland Credit Union Limited    Bankwest

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