NAB Balance Transfer Credit Card Offers

Our Free Balance Transfer Savings Calculator can help you calculate the interest savings you could make by switching to a nab balance transfer credit card.

How to use the balance transfer savings calculator.

  1. Enter the balance you are looking to transfer by using the slider below.
  2. Enter your current purchase interest rate - you'll find this on your credit card statement
  3. Check out the ‘Your Savings’ column, this is an estimate of how much you'd save on interest by switching to each of the nab credit cards. Clicking on ther ‘?’ icon explains how the interest savings are calculated.
  4. Click on the "Your Savings" column header to rank the savings from high to low

It is important to consider all the features of the balance transfer credit card when making your decision, in particular the revert rate, purchase rate, cash advance rate and any annual credit and balance transfer fees.